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Knight Rider (ENG)

When we somehow accepted that we will become parents (I'm sooo lying right now by the way, we aren't completely on board even now, 3 and a half years "in"), we started with all those crazy baby preparations. As it is quite common, me being a woman I wished for a baby girl and my husband for a baby boy to be born. But first, there had to be some new arrangements taking place. See, we used to enjoy our life in UAE as if we were some kind of sheikhs or what and we had a luxury to own a beautiful black 3-door Ford Mustang (with those sexy white lines across the hood, she - our car always had to be a "she" - had a name, Deloris). To my sadness, that luxury had to come to an end as I could not possibly imagine stuffing it with a 2-piece stroller, a car seat and a 4kg baby. Obviously, we had to start looking for more family friendly car. I am not gonna lie to you (this time), I cried when Deloris was handed over to a Romanian couple. And despite what Steve says, I am pretty sure he wept like a little girl, too.

So we ended up with a family suitable Hyundai Santa Fe. It was an alright car (named her Geraldine).

Later on, in the 20th week of my pregnancy my baby girl dreams got flushed down the drain as we were announced we were having a boy. Naturally, we started to think about the right name for a little Knight-to-be. And that, my dear fellows, is a topic for divorce! Ha! I had never imagined before that choosing a child's name would be suuuuuch an issue (eye-roll)! Do you know what Steve wanted to call him?

DYLAN!!!!! (Yes, you heard me!!!!)

I tried so hard to explain to him that Beverly Hills 90210 might be long gone but Dylan McKay is eternal! So when I elaborately described to Steve that our son could be suffering as much as if he was called "Edward Cullen" (Twilight ladies, always use Twilight for men to get your point to them ;-P) , he thankfully gave up on Dylan (for now). He left the name choice up to me then but I could read a hidden threat that should we have another boy in the future, his life would be tied super close with the above mentioned TV show. I sent a gazillion prayers to universe to bless us with a girl, should there be any "next time".

As I was now in charge of choosing the name for our first born, I handed this important task to my oldest sister Jana. Not such a smart move there, I tell ya! She was determined to get her way when she swore to her heart that no matter what we decide to call our child eventually, she will always call him MIKEY because Knight Rider was the one and only - Michael Knight! Who am I to fight that, right? :D

And so, in order not to waste our surname or generate any potential identity crisis, there is a little Mikey Knight running around us since 2015!

(And...NO :-D. We did not get a Pontiac, this is purely an illustration).

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